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Solar Pump System PS1800 | Namibia

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References: Namibia

Solar Pump System PS1800

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Solar Pump System
1x LORENTZ PS1800 HR-23
Vertical lift: 20 m65 ft65 ft
Flow Rate: 30 m38,000 US Gal.6,700 UK Gal./day
Water reservoir: Tank, 10 m32,670 US Gal.2,220 UK Gal.

Solar Generator
14x LORENTZ LA110-24S (110 Wp)
1.5 kWp

June 2010

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With similar lift:
c. 20 m65 ft65 ft

Indonesia, 20 m65 ft65 ft

Indonesia, 20 m65 ft65 ft

Morocco, 20 m65 ft65 ft

With similar flow rate:
c. 30 m38,000 US Gal.6,700 UK Gal./day

Argentina, 30 m38,000 US Gal.6,700 UK Gal./day

Senegal, 27 m37,200 US Gal.6,000 UK Gal./day

Senegal, 30 m38,000 US Gal.6,700 UK Gal./day

With PV generator
of similar size:
1.5 kWp

Algeria, 1.5 kWp

Argentina, 1.5 kWp

Mexico, 1.6 kWp

LORENTZ Partners: Namibia