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Solar Pump System PS200 | Indonesia

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Solar Pump System PS200

Sarang Mandi

Solar Pump System
1x LORENTZ PS200 HR04-03
Vertical lift: 35 m
Flow Rate: 5.0 m3/day
Pipe length: 70 m
Water reservoir: Tank

Solar Generator
3x 64 Wp
192 Wp

December 2005

Installed by
ANO’s. PT.

Other projects

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January 2016, Kalimantan Barat

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With similar lift:
c. 35 m

Bolivia, 35 m

Thailand, 32 m

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With similar flow rate:
c. 5.0 m3/day

Burkina Faso, 5.0 m3/day

Greece, 5.5 m3/day

USA, 5.0 m3/day

With PV generator
of similar size:
192 Wp

Greece, 200 Wp

Malaysia, 200 Wp

Senegal, 200 Wp

LORENTZ Partners: Indonesia