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A Responsible Company

“Responsibility” for the BERNT LORENTZ group of companies encompasses everything that we do. We conduct our business activities in an honest and responsible way under a set of basic principles.

  • Business ethics
    We act honestly and fairly with our business partners and suppliers
  • Quality
    We work hard to ensure that what we do is of the highest quality

These principles of business become apparent in everyday activities and examples are provided hereafter.


We respect and look after our employees well

LORENTZ respect the laws and guidelines of employment in every country that we operate. We pride ourselves on keeping a low turnover of staff in our factory, engineering and sales functions. Even in a very competitive labour market we have an annual staff turnover of below 5% in our Beijing, China production facility.

The following behaviours are in place:

  • Free clothing and meals for our production workers
  • All employees are paid above minimum wage
  • Regular employee / management discussion forums
  • Annual profit related bonuses
  • Company funded social events are provided for employees and their families

Environmental Responsibility

We are in a green industry and try to make the right environmental decisions for our own company

Everyday LORENTZ products reduce the reliance of communities on fossil fuels to provide drinking water and water for irrigation. We have estimated this saving to be in the order of 35,000 tonnes of CO2 per year that is saved from going into the atmosphere. LORENTZ products are designed for a long operating life. Internally we invest in and choose processes and materials that make environmental sense.

  • We recycle our waste and use recycled materials wherever possible
  • We have installed solar LED street lighting around our production facility
  • Our energy use in our factory has been significantly reduced by installing a roof with high solar gain and translucent panels to reduce lighting energy use.
  • Our coal fired boiler has a state of the art washer installed to remove particulates
  • We have a modern, efficient vehicle fleet
  • We have our own 50kW solar generator and pump our own water using LORENTZ solar powered water pumps

Global Community

We are part of a global community with wider social responsibility

LORENTZ recognise that we are part of a wider global community. We make specific donations to worthy causes through the year. We typically donate some full pumping systems to communities in need. We also support projects locally through our sales partners.

In addition we contribute to the global community in the following ways:

  • By working with universities, non-governmental organisations and charities on water related education topics
  • By supporting graduate/doctorate programs with educational establishments
  • Direct giving in the form of labour and products to charitable projects