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A Company Timeline


LORENTZ company is registered in Hamburg, Germany

LORENTZ design, develop and manufacture pumps for gasoline, used in car refuelling stations around the world


After researching new applications for the already developed efficient refuelling pump, solar pump development begins


First solar pump shipped to Cypress for testing


LORENTZ solar pump design is further developed. The unique split system design, DC brushless and sensorless drives and the helical rotor compounds all come together making LORENTZ products unique.


Field testing and limited sales of solar start in southern Europe, Australia, United States, and South Africa


First passive solar tracker is shipped to maximise power for pump systems


Launch of ETAPUMP – first commercial solar pump system


Installations increase with a strong focus on US, Canada, South Africa and Australia


First 700m (2100ft) pump install for dewatering a gas well

LORENTZ expands across Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East

LORENTZ attend Intersolar show in Germany


Active tracker - ETATRACK400 - Our first active tracker design to electronically track the sun


ETATRACK 1500 introduced for the booming solar park market


First LORENTZ solar park is installed in Dettendorf, Germany - 50kWp of modules on 24 trackers


LORENTZ pass the point where they have shipped pumps to 50 countries

Largest LORENTZ solar park is installed in Spain - 2.1 MW across 1,000 active trackers with central control!


Purchase of a new HQ building just outside of Hamburg, Germany. Perfect environment for our electronic and mechanical design team.

LORENTZ has now sold to more than 100 countries with many countries now ordering on a monthly basis


The PS4000 is added to the range to meet the demand for larger solar pumps, especially in irrigation applications

PSk becomes a portfolio item after being used purely for projects


LORENTZ moves Asia office to a new prestigious city office in Beijing

To expand reach a multi tier distribution model is introduced in the US, Australia and South Africa

COMPASS provides the industry with the first accurate way to quickly size a solar pumping system.

New flexible production facility goes live to meet the increasing demand for solar pumping systems


LORENTZ starts a new professional channel model called partnerADVANTAGE to recognize the growing and professional sales network

partnerNET extranet service is launched


New factory extension is opened

LORENTZ achieves 12 consecutive all time record sales months - solar water pumping is mainstream


LORENTZ is 20 years old

LORENTZ introduce PSk2 systems, taking solar water pumping to a new level


CONNECTED is launched, offering pump monitoring and management via smart-phone and remotely over the internet

PS40k is added to the portfolio for large pumping applications


LORENTZ US company opens for business. LORENTZ in Germany moves to new purpose built global headquarters and technology center